Cambio is a social enterprise based in the Dominican Republic geared towards improving the quality of life for Dominican and Haitian families. These families live in some of the poorest places on the island. The men and women we are working with are amazingly talented, very creative and hard working. It has been our goal to work with them to create products that are popular, useful and well hand crafted. The goal of Cambio is to reduce poverty by improving the livelihoods of some of the most vulnerable. 


Jose (aka "el jefe" or "the boss") began sewing back in 1989. He had worked for larger companies until finally deciding to start his own shop. He met our founder, Benjamin Cole about 7 years ago, and thus continued the incredible journey of Cambio Goods.
He is a well respected boss, and continues to employ and train many young adults from his own neighbourhood, teaching work ethic and discipline, while also creating a safe environment for growth. Each employee starts out learning the simpler skills, and are able to work their way through the shop, taking on new tasks and responsibilities as their skill sets improve.
Jose's personal choice of products: The Traveler "because it is so functional"